How Far Can You Go?

Have you ever thought about how far you can run in 96 hours? Well, Ultra Running Ltd is giving you the chance to find out and to challenge yourself against other runners. You can run outside on the trails, run on the roads or even inside on a treadmill – the choice is yours! Simply set yourself a target and go for it.


The event starts at 00:01 (BST) on 30th July and ends at midnight (BST) on 2nd August 2021. 

This is a virtual event, so you can run wherever you like, whenever you want and as many times as you like within the 96-hour time limit. To qualify, you must run at least 5 miles and submit your results before midday on Tuesday 4th August 2021.   Results will be posted online once all have been verified.

This is one of our Virtual Running Club events and we want everyone to feel part of the club, so join us on Facebook and Strava where you can become part of our community by posting updates, pictures and stories. 


You will receive a personal bib number that will be emailed so you can print it off as many times as required; You will also receive a medal. There are two medals on offer, Gold and Silver. The Gold is awarded to all runners who achieve 100 miles or more and the Silver medal is for runners who run a minimum of 5 miles during the 96-hour event. The medals will be sent out once the event is completed and results have been verified. There will be spot prizes for best photos or posts on our Facebook pages. 


You can enter by clicking here.


Simply submit your runs by sending us an email with your bib number and either; a picture of your activity stats from your smartwatch; or
the link to your Strava* account. 

*alternatively, you can make it easier to submit your results by joining our Strava Group at https:/


Entry is from £21 plus booking fee

Other things you might need to know

Please note, this event is open to runners of any age but under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. For further information please email us 

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