How Far Can You Go? Results 2020

We hope you all had an enjoyable four days clocking up the mils over the past weekend. The sun was shinning, it was very (very) hot but you all did extremely well.

Hope to see you all again soon.

Overall PosGenderRaceNameDistance
1MHFCYG?Robert Ward123.1 miles
2MHFCYG?Fraser Watson112.8 miles
3MHFCYG?Grum Gunter111.1 miles
4FHFCYG?Amanda Stobbs110.4 miles
4MHFCYG?Jason Stobbs110.4 miles
6MHFCYG?Preston Grundy107.0 miles
7MHFCYG?Samuel Hunt106.1 miles
8MHFCYG?Stephen Roberts105.1 miles
9MHFCYG?Rich Cranswick104.7 miles
10FHFCYG?Rachael Swailes102.3 miles
11MHFCYG?Mick Kennish-Ward102.2 miles
12MHFCYG?Robert Bircher101.6 miles
13MHFCYG?Steven James78.5 miles
14MHFCYG?Ian Coggin55.5 miles
15MHFCYG?Carl Bennett52.4 miles
16MHFCYG?Stephen Hughes36.7 miles
17MHFCYG?Patrick Brown35.4 miles
18FHFCYG?Rachel Pierce26.3 miles
19FHFCYG?Erica Stover20.7 miles
20FHFCYG?Katherine Huggins21.6 miles
21FHFCYG?Emily James20.1 miles
22MHFCYG?Paul James20.0 miles
23MHFCYG?Steve Jones18.1 miles
24FHFCYG?Jenn Byrne17.9 miles
25MHFCYG?Alan Drake13.1 miles
26MHFCYG?Ross Sandy8.9 miles
27MHFCYG?Quintin PotgieterDNS
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